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Something for Everyone

If you look up community in the dictionary you get:

A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

But in Glendene, we believe community is a whole lot more than that!

Community is tangible. Community is cohesive. Community brings people together in ways that allow them to do things they couldn’t have done in isolation.

We want Glendene to be more than the dictionary definition – and this space is designed to give you a lot of ways that you can BE a part of something great. If you have an hour, a day or you want to get involved regularly then please get in touch. you can use the contact form below, or pop into the Hub and have a chat.

  • Start a group or activity

  • Join the garden club, and help create a garden at the Hub that you can take home and share with your family

  • Drop in and help with some weeding

  • Do you want to run an event or help make an event happen? There is always something to do:

    • Sponsorship

    • Set up and pack down

    • Marketing

    • Support at the event

    • Catering

    • Rubbish

  • Delivering flyers, newsletters or posters

  • Help with cleaning

  • Help with the Hub admin

  • Help with fundraising and funding applications

There are so many possibilities and things you can do! Contact us if you have an idea, want to start something or join something...


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